Monday, 15 February 2010

Condolences to the departed soul, Rev. Fr. Cherian Kottayil

Youth-MSOCME announces with profound regret and sadness the death of Rev Fr. Cherian Kottayil who passed away in a motor accident at Pandallam on 15th of February 2010. He was a priest of Kottayam Diocese of Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church. He was a gifted singer, blessed poet, writer, preacher and respected teacher of Holy Jacobite Syrian. He was Malpan of Rev.Fr.Biju.M.Parekkattil, Rev.Fr.Eldhose Vattaparambil, Rev.Fr.Jomy Joseph, Fr.Prince Paulose, Rev.Dn.Aji George and many other priests in Europe and other parts of the world.

We can compare Cherianachan to Harp of Perumpalli thirumeni. Fr. Cherian truly testified the compassion and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Cherianachan was a priest who mostly stays behind the curtain, yet accomplishes great deeds for the growth of the Kingdom of God.


  1. I join to the whole Youth-MSOCME members, my more sincere condolences.

  2. I am extremely shocked and sorry to hear about our Malpanachan's untimely demise.
    It certainly is a great loss for all time...He was a great man and an inspiring teacher...
    May his soul rest in peace. I pray God gives courage to his family.

  3. പന്തളം..പെട്ടി ഓട്ടോ ഇടിച്ച് കുറിച്ചി സെന്റ് മേരീസ് പളളി വികാരിയും വെട്ടിക്കല് ഉദയഗിരി സെമിനാരിയിലെ അദ്ധ്യാപകനുമായ ബഹു. ഫാ. ചെറിയാന് കോട്ടയില് (45) ദിവംഗതനായി. മാന്തുക സെന്റ്‌ മേരീസ്‌ പാത്രിയര്ക്കീ സ്‌ പള്ളിയിലെ കണ്വറന്ഷ്നില്‍ പ്രസംഗിക്കാനെത്തിയതായിരുന്നു ഫാ. ചെറിയാന്‍. ബസിറങ്ങിയ ശേഷം എം.സി. റോഡിന്റെ ഓരത്തുനിന്ന കൃഷ്‌ണപിള്ളയോടും ഭാര്യ ശാരദയോടും സെന്റ്‌ മേരീസ്‌ പള്ളിയിലേക്കുളള വഴി ചോദിക്കുന്നതിനിടെയായിരുന്നു അപകടം. വൈകിട്ട്‌ 6.30 നായിരുന്നു മാന്തുക റീത്ത്‌പള്ളി ജംഗ്‌ഷനു സമീപത്തുണ്ടായ അപകടത്തില്‍ ബഹു.അച്ചനും കൃഷ്‌ണപിള്ളയും മരിച്ചത്‌.

    ചങ്ങനാശേരിയില്‍ നിന്നും ഇടപ്പോണിലേക്കു വന്ന പെട്ടിഓട്ടോ മറ്റൊരു വാഹനത്തെ മറികടന്ന്‌ അമിതവേഗതയിലെത്തി കൃഷ്‌ണപിള്ളയെ ഇടിച്ചുതെറിപ്പിച്ചു.

    അതിനുശേഷം ഫാ. ചെറിയാനെ ഇടിച്ചു വലിച്ചു കൊണ്ടുപോയി സമീപത്തെ മതിലിലേക്കു പാഞ്ഞു കയറി. ഫാ. ചെറിയാന്‍ പന്തളം സി.എം. ആശുപത്രിയിലേക്കുള്ള വഴിമധ്യേയും കൃഷ്‌ണപിള്ള മുളക്കുഴ സെഞ്ച്വറി ആശുപത്രിയില്‍ എത്തിയ ശേഷവുമാണു മരിച്ചത്‌.
    ഫാ. ചെറിയാന്‍ കോട്ടയില്‍ തിരുവഞ്ചൂര്‍ കോട്ടയില്‍ സ്‌കറിയയുടെയും അക്കാമ്മയുടെയും മകനാണ്‌. ഭാര്യ: അനു. മക്കള്‍: ജെനിന്‍, ജൂബി. മലേക്കുരിശ്‌ ദയറായില്നി ന്ന്‌ സെമിനാരി പഠനം പൂര്ത്തിശയാക്കി. വെട്ടിക്കല്‍ ഉദയഗിരി സെമിനാരിയിലെ അധ്യാപകനുമാണ്‌.

    പുറ്റടി സെന്റ്‌ മേരീസ്‌, നാലുന്നാക്കല്‍ സെന്റ്‌ ആദായീസ്‌, കോട്ടയം സെന്റ്‌ ജോസഫ്‌, കുമരകം സെന്റ്‌ ജോണ്സ് ‌, നട്ടാശേരി സെന്റ്‌ ജോര്ജ്ി‌, പള്ളം സെന്റ്‌ ഇഗ്‌നേഷ്യസ്‌, അരീപ്പറമ്പ്‌ സെന്റ്‌ മേരീസ്‌ പള്ളികളില്‍ വികാരിയായി സേവനമനുഷ്‌ഠിച്ചിട്ടുണ്ട്‌.

  4. With the death of Rev.Fr.Cherian Kottayil, the MSOT Seminary Vettickal and the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church in Kerala have lost its esteemed Malpan of Syriac language and Liturgy and a dedicated priest. He was a skilled teacher, renowned convention speaker, sweet singer, gifted writer and so on. I am one of his students and he taught us the Kurbana Thaksa and Liturgical Kramangal (Offices). He was a very good Malpan who made his class with deep devotion and that made him as the favourite teacher of many. The report of his unexpected death comes as a blow to everyone within his students community and to everyone who knew him personally. Our Cherian achan was very simple, humble, dynamic and enthusiastic person who dedicated his life for his seminarians and for his parishners. With his warm personality he knew how to make people enthusiastic and to quide others to Jesus Christ.
    Cherianachan attached importance to good relations with the secular community and less privileged people. That is most characteristic of him - his modesty, his friendliness, his interest in people. His untimely death serves as a reminder that life cannot be taken for granted and that each day is an opportunity to make a difference, personally and professionally.
    Dear Achan, we are in deep mourning. Our tears are in our eyes, sincere sobbing stucking from the inside of heart because of the shocking news of your untimely death.
    Our hearty condolences and prayers, may your soul rest in peace. You will always be a memory in our hearts. You’ll be remembered by all those who knew you for your great contributions to the church.

    May we sing the song, that you taught us in the Seminary, for you.

    Kohneik Aneeh Beinos keeno bro daloho
    bhoi Malkuso dlo masthario am Kadeeseh.

    Fus Baslomo Malfonan Rabo............

  5. We have been very close friends since childhood and we always did everything together as we grew up. I was fortunate enough to see Achen the day before he passed away while I was in India and I was only acknowledged about his death after I arrived in California. Kottayil Achen left his Kochamma and their two young children and I truly request of everyone to keep him and the grieving family in your prayers. Achen was not only one of my best friends but he was very much like my own brother. This sudden news has caused me much heartache and I am struggling with this loss.

    Fr.Sabu T.chorattil
    Los Angeles

  6. My sincere condolences on the untimely death of Rev Fr. Cherian Kottayil
    Leo, Delhi, India

  7. My sincere condolence to our vicar's family...Its very shocking news

  8. It is really sad in our eyes!
    I too know Cherian achen personal. We were together in SEERI.
    Righteous do not want to struggle much in this world.
    Let our Lord enable us to meet him in His Kingdom!

    with love,

    Thomas achen

  9. Its hard to realize that Cherian Achen has left. I have wonderful memories about him since 2004 September when I joined MSOT Seminary faculty. "Devoted to his calling" - that was Cherian Achen. He always make you feel that "you are wanted" and that made his personality so colourful and acceptable. Still I remember the Holy Qurbono celebrated by Achen in 2004 in St. Marys CAthedral Ankamally and I was assisted him. It was really awesome with his blessed voice. We together decided to bring out a Christian devotional album in the coming year after my studies, but.... Let us thank God for his services to Holy Church and uphold his bereaved family. Lets us sing in one accord
    ... nirmalarayi parikarmipo
    acharyarkkava choodeedum.

    Fr. Jomy Joseh

  10. Please visit the webalbum to see the different stages of the Funeral Ceremony of Rev.Fr.Cherian Kottayil.

  11. or click on the name News Update to visit the web album

  12. to hear the songs of Cherian Achan, please click above the name News Update or visit the following link

  13. A Time to weep

    These days are the days of extreme pain and sorrow due to the demise of our beloved Kottayil Achan. His life was one of impeccable ethical religious standards and he was a person of outstanding qualities. As you know Achan always opted for grandeur and splendor. He wanted to engage all of our senses in teaching us the faith but always with the ultimate purpose of inspiring our minds and hearts toward heaven. Deeply as we are saddened at this great loss to our lives, so truly are we consoled by the gift of our Malankara Church.

    Now, for the members of the Jacobite church family especially for the students of him, Kottayil Achan is a memory. This memory is not a dead memory, but a living one. The good lessons that he has taught, the counsel he has given, the warm and encouraging company and friendship the seminary family members enjoyed etc. will remain a fresh memory in their minds. We also remember him due to his works of consolation and consideration, words of encouragement and enrichment presence of vigour and vitality.

    I am sure that the memory on the Achan will be recollected in tranquillity in the minds of his family members, relatives and friends and surely it will have a spontaneous overflow of its powerful feelings. This memory must lead us to a total relay on God, because God is the only source and fountain of consolation. This untimely departure of our beloved Kottyail Achan is a gap which cannot be filled. So at this juncture let us try to remember, let us try to understand and follow the apt model of life and qualities that he has showed through his life. Let us pray the angels may carry his soul to paradise and he may rest in eternal peace and heavenly happiness. I pray to the Lord, that the Lord may grand eternal repose to the departed soul and consolation to all the sorrowful members in the demise of our beloved Achan

  14. jesus please take care of family ,my heartfelt condolence

  15. May his soul rest in Peace :(

  16. February 16, Tuesday

    12 NOON : At MMD Dayaro, Adoor - Mor Militheos Yuhanon & Dr. Mor Theophilose Kuriakose led prayer

    3 PM - 4.30 PM : At St. Mary's JSO Soonoro Church, Kurichi (Achan was the vicar) - Mor Milithios Yuhanon, Dr. Mor Theophilose Kuriakose led prayer

    5.15 PM - 6.15 PM : St. Joseph's JSO Cathedral, Kottayam - Dr. Mor Themotheos Thomas, Mor Milithios Yuhanon, Dr. Mor Theophilose Kuriakose, Very Rev. Ramban Eleyo (Germany) led prayer. Rev. Fr. M P George (OTS, Kottayam), Jos K Mani MP, V N Vasavan MLA, Thomas Chazhikadan MLA paid homage

    6.45 PM - 7.30 PM : St. George JSO Church, Ponpally, Nattasserry - Dr. Mor Themotheos Thomas, Mor Milithios Yuhanon, Dr. Mor Theophilose Kuriakose led prayer

    8.00 PM - 8.45 PM : St. Simon's JSO Church, Velloor, Pampady - H.B Catholicos Baselios Thomas I, Dr. Mor Gregorios Joseph, Mor Aphrem Mathews, Dr. Mor Theophilose Kuriakose, Mor Chrisostomos Markose, Mor Athanasius Elias, Mor Philoxenos Zacharias, Mor Osthatheos Ishaq led prayer. Commander Dr. T U Kuruvila MLA (Ex Minister) paid homage

    9.00 PM - 10 PM - Morth Mariyam JSO Cathedral, Kottayam - Dr. Mor Themotheos Thomas, Dr. Mor Theophilose Kuriakose, Mor Philoxenos Zacharias, Mor Osthatheos Ishaq led prayer. Hon. Opposition Leader Oommen Chandy MLA, V N Vasavan MLA paid homage

    10.15 PM - Mor Gregorian Centre, Thoothootty - Dr. Mor Themotheos Thomas, Dr. Mor Theophilose Kuriakose, Mor Philoxenos Zacharias, Mor Osthatheos Ishaq led prayer

    To view photos, click on the name News Update

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  18. This is Really sad and a great loss indeeed to all of us who hav had contact wid Fr.Cherian Kottayel. was a gr8 live heart and cool personality. May Lord give Fr.Cherian Kottayel family Courage and Patience...
    Deepest condolences frm Sherin...


    Kottayam, INDIA - 17th Feb: The funeral of Kassisso Cherian Kottayil (46), one of the most respected and renowned priest of the Malankara Syrian church, who passed away on Monday following a road accident at Pandalam, was held at his home parish in Thiruvanchoor near Kottayam, today afternoon, in the presence of a large number of church dignitaries which included almost all the Metropolitans of Malankara Church and thousands of faithful. Today morning the visiting Suryoyo Metropolitans Mor Dionysius Behnan Jajawi, Mor Osthatheos Matta Roham and Ramban Eliyo (Germany) paid homage to the deceased priest when his body was bought to the Thoothooty Mor Gregorios Chapel near his house. Earlier, on the request of a great number of his well-wishers, the body of Kassisso was kept at various places at the Mor Ignatius dayro at Adoor, the Manthalir Jacobite Syrian Church, the St. Mary’s Soonoro Church at Kurichy where he was currently serving as a priest, the St. Joseph’s Cathedral at the Kottayam, the St. George Church at Ponpally, the St. Simon’s church at Velloor and the Morth Mariam Cathedral at Manarcaud before bringing to the Thoothooty Chapel. Everywhere a large number of faithful gathered to have a glimpse of the deceased priest and bid farewell to their beloved Kassisso.

    It was in the evening of 15th that the accident occurred in which Kassisso Cherian Kottayil and another elderly person died. The Kassisso was then on his way to attend a convention at a church in Pandalam, some 50 km from here. At the time when the accident happened, he was standing on the road side after getting down from a bus in the bus stop and was enquiring with a person, about the route to the church where he was supposed to go. It was then a carry van that came in great speed hit the priest and two others with whom he was talking. Kassisso Cherian and the elderly person aged 73, died on the spot. The condition of the other injured person is still serious.

    The deceased priest, who is popularly known as Cherian Achen or Kottayil Achen, belonged to the Thiruvanchoor St. Mary's church near Manarcaud in the Kottayam diocese. The young Kassisso was a gifted singer, both in Syriac & Malayalam, a blessed poet, writer, preacher and a greatly respected teacher of Holy Jacobite Syrian Church. He was a well known Eccara teacher at our M.S.O.T. Seminary, Mulanthuruthy. It was Kassisso Cherian who mostly led the Coir of major Church ceremonies; his latest presence was in the recent Episcopal ceremonies. Fr. Cherian truly testified the compassion and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Cherianachen, as he was popularly called, was a priest who mostly stays behind the curtain, yet accomplishes great deeds for the growth of the Kingdom of God. He is the author of two books and several poems and articles which was published in various church periodicals. He leaves behind his Parents, wife and two kids.

    The untimely death of Kassisso Cherian is a great loss for not only the diocese of Kottayam and the M.S.O.T. seminary, but the entire Malankara Syrian Church. We express our condolences, and pray that God console the beloved near and dear ones. May Achen's soul be in paradise.

    For more details, please visit

  20. 120 days past, yet Cherian Achan is living with us..

  21. 150 days past. Achan is with the Heavenly Father.