Monday, 26 April 2010

Theological forum of St. Mary’s MSO Church, Vienna

With a view to educate and practice theological aspects of the Syrian Orthodox Church as also to provide opportunity for the members to partake and sermonize the Gospel, a “Theological Forum”  of the St. Mary’s Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church, Vienna, was instituted in November 2008.  Under the leadership of the Vicar, Rev. Fr. Biju Parekkattil, the Forum meets once a month after the Holy Qurbana and a member by rotation used to speak on any theological subject and the Vicar makes in-depth analysis on various facets of the Church.

Following the practice, this month’s meeting was organized on Sunday, the 25th of April 2010 at St. Mary’s MSO Church, Lainzerstrasse 154 A, Vienna and Mr. Ouseph Padickakudi, a parishioner, delivered the message to the forum on the following topic: “The relevance of the Faith of Abraham in our day-to-day life”

Mr. Padickakudi asserted the need of obedience with firm belief that He, our Lord God, would help and rescue them those who really depend upon Him and trust in Him.  He further wished that let our faith in God help us for such an accurate, timely, and speedy decision making and to lead our life unchallenged by the tribulations of the world.

Most of the parish members attended the forum meeting who found it was virtually a Christian fellowship that would enable spiritual revival.

- Report by Fr. Biju Parekkattil, Theological Forum, St. Mary's MSOC, Vienna


  1. very bad,he is a helpless man.also that P.A

  2. Every man is helpless in front his fate.I feel that you are so helpless even to reveal your name and identity!!! It was I myself, who chaired the Theological Forum on that day, so that I can say that He did it so brilliantly and think that all the people who attend the forum will agree with me. The theme of his talk was very important even to you, because he explained us how a helpless man can overcome the struggles of life using our Faith in God.