Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Yoga & Positive Mental Health

The importance of yoga and it's role in healing and preventing various disorders has been developed over centuries of research and experience.They have been found to be extremely effective.It is important to have a proper yoga mat.Please visit Yoga Mats in order to have a safer and and more convinient mat.

Major role of yoga is to:

  • Increase the flexibility of body and preving formation of energy blocks which leads to a healthier body.
  • Massage the internal organs of the body and the rarely stimulated parts such as the thyroid gland.
  • Help obese people to loose extra fat and weight which is one of the major causes of illness.
  • it can heal various health disorders such as back ache,arthritis etc and even stammering.
  • it imroves systemic circulation of blood through out the body and there by increase of oxygen to tissues.
  • improves gastrointestinal tract(stimulates secretions in hypo conditions)
  • prevents protien load on kidney
  • improves psychology and patient has a more positive attitude towards life.

Ways to Destress

  1. Make proper use of your leisure time.This may include things as simple as journaling, reading a great book, taking a bubble bath, yoga, etc.Visit vacation international points club to spend a good quality time and plan holidays with family.
  2. Try to keep yourself busy so that you can forget the things that stress you and that can relax your mind
  3. Heal yourself-I think the most effective ways to do that is exercise,a good healthy and a nurtious diet,regular sleep,by limiting your alcohol intake,and say no to smoking.
  4. Be positive- Have a positive attitude towards life no matter what you are doing.What you tell yourself has a a very strong impact in your present and future.Start loving yourself,try to have pleasing thoughts in your mind and that will make you lead a life that you want to live.
  5. Work in the feild you love-This is very important to destress yourself.If you are like most of people who spend most of their waking hours working then you must love your work.
  6. Try to have supportive people around you.That can make you feel confident and such people can easily solve your problems.In other words they take you away from stress.

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